From the time you realized you were a girl and
understood that girls grow into women and
those women eventually become mothers,
you have had few other desires in life than to
simply become A MOTHER.
Your life's mission zoned in on what it would
take and what all it meant. 
Become of age.
Get married.
Have babies.
Seems like a fairly basic concept...
But what happens when the age you thought
you would give birth passes you by?
What if you get married, but years watch you
grow weary from waiting for the "next phase?"
Family and friends pry; you wave off their invasive
concern, hiding the onset of tears in the process.
Doctors speculate, run tests, potentially confirm a cause.
Late cycles, false positives, miscarriage, still birth, waning hope of it ever happening.
To everyone around you, you are living the life.
Walking in purpose.
Living well.
But would give it all up in half a heart beat just to say, "I'm a mother."
 Hannah's Prayer explores the journey of finding purpose when you feel purposeless. Even when all seems well, you feel unheard, alone, lost, and broken - half of a woman, all because of the struggle to conceive.
In the midst of it all are lessons, prayers, scriptures, renewal and restoration - understanding that God's purpose for our lives is far greater than our own and that if we simply submit our will to His, we can very well have our heart's desire.
This book is for you if you:
  • struggle with conceiving a child
  • have ever lost a child
  • feel as if your life is less purposeful if you are not a mother
  • are challenged with waiting on God or trusting His timing
  • are looking for clarity and support in refocusing your faith
  • want to know what God's Word says about your purpose in Him, as a mother or otherwise


"Why did I need prayer just to get pregnant? It didn’t seem like something other women were doing… they were simply popping children out like toast, in my cynical opinion." 

- HANNAH'S PRAYERBrittney Holmes Jackson

"Imagine this: Being so focused on the desire to have a child that you miss an opportunity to birth God’s ultimate plan for your life. Because you are so focused on your timeline of events and your desires, you overlook a chance to manifest something greater for His kingdom and His glory."

- HANNAH'S PRAYERBrittney Holmes Jackson