Searching for the Right

Searching for the Right


Lauren, Jayda, Danielle, and Brenda are finishing their senior year of high school. They seem to have perfect lives, but these girls have more to worry about than finals and college applications. 


Lauren has an inextinguishable infatuation with her history teacher and is ready to risk it all. Jayda tries to be the backbone of her family as her parents' marriage falls into turmoil. Danielle's a single mother who has enough on her plate including a pessimistic mother who believes she can do nothing right. Brenda is smart in every aspect of life, except when it comes relationships. 


These young women are on the brink of adulthood and are struggling to handle their issues. As close as they are, they can't seem to comfort one another as life continues to comes at them hard. When God is introduced to them in unusual ways, they find themselves on four completely different journeys they'll never forget.

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