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Therapeutic Writing Coaching

Truama-to-Triumph Narratives

Brittney's innovative "Trauma-to-Triumph" coaching program is designed for industry thought leaders, content curators, and impactful creatives, who are ready to share their stories. Specifically designed for those who have experienced trauma and desire to transform their pain into purpose by writing a book (or learning how to utilize storytelling to impact your audience), the "Trauma-to-Triumph Narratives" Program is designed to help aspiring authors and storytellers achieve the goal of using their stories to  transform the lives of others. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and creative expression as you craft your narrative of resilience.

With Brittney's expertise in mental health and book writing, publishing and promotion, this program combines therapeutic techniques, writing exercises, and publishing guidance to support you in unlocking your story and sharing it with the world. With direct one-on-one coaching from Brittney, you will explore your experiences, confront challenges, and develop the skills and confidence needed to bring your books to life.

By the end of the program, you will have...

✅ Gained a deeper understanding of your own trauma and its impact on your life.

✅ Identified key themes, messages, and lessons learned from your experiences.

✅ Developed a clear outline and structure for your book, including chapter summaries and key storytelling elements.

✅ Received feedback and support to refine your ideas and writing style.

✅ Explored avenues for publishing and sharing your work with a wider audience.

I can hear your hesitancy loud and clear?

"My story is not worth all of that?"


The fact that you are convincing yourself of this is a prime example that your story is more than valuable and ready for sharing.


And if you're thinking, "12 weeks seems like a long time? What exactly am I getting?" No worries. Check out the weekly outline of the program below: 

Week 1: Introduction and Goal Setting​

  • We will spend this time focusing on an overview of the program and your desirable outcome for your story.

Week 2: Understanding Trauma

  • Explore what trauma actually is, how it impacts the brain and share your trauma narrative

Week 3: Finding Your Voice

  • Identify and address the lies your story has told you over time and re-author those into an understanding of your true identity

Week 4: Mapping Your Narrative

  • Identifying key themes and messages in your story and develop an outline for your story

Week 5: Character Development

  • Even in nonfiction, people are characters. Learn how to develop the most impactful traits of everyone who plays a role in your narrative.

Week 6: The Power of Perspective

  • Shifting your perspective from victim to survivor to thriver as you begin to write your story

Week 7: Facing Resistance and Overcoming Blocks

  • Receive ongoing support as you begin writing and learn to confront any fears and doubts about sharing your story and receive strategies for managing perfectionism and writer's block

Week 8: Crafting Compelling Scenes

  • Receive feedback on how to bring your story to life through vivid description and sensory detail, along with other literary strategies that will make your story stand out

Week 9: Editing and Revision

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of implementing expert feedback and incorporating constructive criticism to make your story more compelling and intriguing 

Week 10: Navigating the Publishing Process

  • Understanding different publishing options: traditional, self-publishing, hybrid

Week 11: Marketing and Promotion

  • Creating a marketing plan to reach your target audience and using social media to build your book brand. 

Week 12: Celebration and Next Steps

  • Take time to reflect  on your journey from trauma to triumph, celebrate accomplishments and milestones, and create a plan for completing your book and sharing it with the world

If you've gotten this far, I really have your attention now! I imagine you wonder what type of investment this program is worth. When we talk about storytelling and book writing, we're talking about building a literary legacy. This will unlock a plethora of opportunities for you and your brand, if you work the plan and plan to work. Courses, speaking engagements, conferences, membership programs, and so much more.

At its inaugural state, the "Trauma-to-Triumph Narratives" Writing Program is an investment of $5000 and will be your best investment yet. 


If you are ready to take this leap, fill out the inquiry form linked below and let's get started!

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